Tell Us All is an oracy programme that engages students, parents and communities in the art of oral storytelling.


What We Do

We will get the best professional storytellers and highly trained teachers to guide students through our 10 week programme exploring stories, language and performance skills.

At the end of the programme, children perform their chosen story to their families and members of the local community.


Parents and Communities

Tell Us All is also about inviting parents to attend workshops, offering stories and practical strategies to aid language development at home.

To ensure we engage diverse members of the local community, we form strong partnerships with a range of social organisations.


Who is This For?

Oral storytelling is part of everybody's heritage and is for everyone.

The programme has been developed for children with low literacy levels and/or at high risk of social exclusion. It has been developed for groups of 12 but can also be delivered to whole classes in 90-minute sessions, once a week, over two half terms.


The Programme

Tell Us All is about engaging your school, students, parents and communities altogether in the art of oral storytelling.

It has been developed in collaboration with professional storytellers, teachers, authors and therapists. To find out more, click below.


What makes Tell Us All unique?


Professional Storytellers

Professional storytellers study stories and the art of storytelling; they are masters of the craft but are rarely utilised in schools beyond ‘one-off’ workshops. Tell Us All enlist the best professional storytellers to work with children throughout the programme, engage the whole school and, crucially, engage local communities.


Parental Engagement

Parental engagement is key for long term change beyond the programme. We aim to build parents’ confidence and gain their support. We will share practical ways to nurture their child’s language development, focusing on storytelling in the home.


Community Engagement

Stories are for sharing. When we put on our storytelling performance to conclude the programme, we invite different groups from the community such as the elderly, families from local special needs schools, support groups etc. We aim to work with a range of community members and organisations to create positive shared experiences across local communities and promote schools as social hubs.