Bringing storytelling back into the heart of communities.


Tell Us All is a storytelling programme for schools and their local communities. Our 10-week programme is delivered to school pupils by our team of professional storytellers and teachers and culminates in a storytelling show for the local community.


Our aims

·         To get top-class storytellers into schools.

·         To develop and deliver outstanding storytelling programmes in schools.

·         To create quality storytelling events for schools and local communities.


The Programme

Tell Us All is about engaging students, parents and communities altogether in the art of oral storytelling.

We have developed our programme with professional storytellers, teachers, authors, oracy specialists and therapists. It can be delivered to small groups or whole classes in 90 minute sessions, once a week, over two half-terms. The programme aims to impact students in the following ways;


Academic improvement

Children will be able to articulate themselves more effectively and develop a more expansive vocabulary. They will also show greater engagement in literacy tasks and class discussion.


Social and emotional development

Children will have increased confidence and self-esteem, they will feel better equipped to explore ideas and dilemmas and will demonstrate improved well-being and resilience.


Social inclusion

Greater parental engagement with their child’s education will support academic attainment. Students’ involvement in a community project will increase their cultural awareness, confidence and ability to engage with others.


What makes Tell Us All unique?


Professional Storytellers

Professional storytellers study stories and the art of storytelling; they are masters of the craft but are rarely utilised in schools beyond ‘one-off’ workshops. Tell Us All will enlist professional storytellers to work with children throughout the programme, engage the whole school and, crucially, engage local communities.


Parental Engagement

Parental engagement is key for long term change beyond the programme. We aim to build parents’ confidence and gain their support. We will share practical ways to nurture their child’s language development. This will focus on storytelling in the home.


Community Engagement

When we put on our storytelling performance to conclude the programme, we will invite other ‘often excluded’ groups from the community such as the elderly, people with SEN, immigrant support groups etc. We aim to work with a range of community members and organisations. We aim to create positive shared experiences across local communities and promote schools as social hubs.



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