-The Full Package-

The Tell Us All package has far reaching benefits for all of your school's students, families and the local community. 


The Full Package includes;

  • Whole school immersion

  • Our 10 week programme (for your 12 selected students)

  • Storytelling session for class (2 different classes each week)

  • Weekly storytelling visits to EYFS

  • Community showcase event

We will help you host your very own Community Story Showcase where the chosen students can perform for their families and communities alongside the storyteller.

Single Day visits

If you want a day filled with amazement, wonder and inspiration then this is definitely for you. We love performing for new audiences. Click below to book one of our spellbinding storytellers for your school or organisation.

Prices start at £350

Teacher CPD - Coming soon

Our CPD will delivered by some of the countries best storytellers. 

We are currently developing our CPD and it will be available in the coming months.